Do you know where the KKK wreaked terror in Dallas? You should

The next time you’re in downtown Dallas, on Akard at Main Street, pause for a moment and imagine thousands of white people gathered in that spot for the public lynching of Allen Brooks. The year was 1910. A mob with a Ku Klux Klan mentality dragged the 65-year old black man from his trial at the nearby Dallas County Courthouse. Swift, vigilante justice instilled the desired terror in black residents.

The next time you walk past the first luxury hotel in Dallas on Commerce Street, or have brunch in its French Room, imagine how KKK members kidnapped an Adolphus Hotel employee from his Ross Avenue home because of a rumored liaison with a white woman.

It’s vital that we mark this history to ensure it never happens again. Today, there are nearly 900 active hate groups in America. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Texas has more than any other state. Of the 84 noted in Texas, more than 50 are KKK chapters.