“It is said that no one truly knows a nation until one has been inside its jails.”
– Nelson Mandela

James Foreman

Joyce with Dr. Larry Allums of The Dallas Institute and Professor James Forman, Jr., author of LOCKING UP OUR OWN

The goal of our ‘1 Million Readers’ Campaign is to share this intimate journey to justice with world citizens who have the courage to read, buy, gift, or listen to HATE CRIME: The Story of a Dragging in Jasper, Texas (Random House 2002). Please ask your neighbor, a friend, or a college student to learn more about the hate crime that shocked the world. Did you know the first trial was dubbed the “Texas Trial of the Century?” Do you remember the punishments for John William King and the other two men convicted of capital murder? Find out. Join our 1 Million Readers campaign today.

Read. Listen. Learn.

Proceeds from 1 Million Readers will support criminal justice reform and reviews of wrongful convictions



A Campaign For Social Justice
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